Episode # 160

Most Effective Exercise Pairings for Improving Joint Health, Nutrition Hack for Overeaters & More!

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Released on April 19, 2018


0:05 – Joe makes an announcement regarding Jeff Cavaliere’s upcoming Live Event

2:50 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Casper

Make sure to cut down on your upper back “primer” volume if you’re going to be doing any kind of ‘overhead pressing’ in your workout.

7:00 – Show intro/overview

9:25 – Joe answers his first Instagram DM about “upper back primer” volume for those who overhead press

17:25 – Joe answer Instagram DM #2 and shares a hack to prevent “fat bastards” from overeating at dinner 🙂

28:00 – The back story behind today’s main show topic

36:35 – Effective exercise pairing #1 – Combining a hip flexor stretch w/ a glute activation exercise

42:40 – Effective exercise pairing #2 – Combining front & side planks w/ hip external & internal rotation stretches

47:45 – Effective exercise pairing #3 – Combining a pec stretch w/ an upper back activation exercise

52:40 – Effective exercise pairing #4 – Combining RDL’s (or 45-degree back raises) w/ a TRX Pike

55:20 – Effective exercise pairing #5 – Combining an “adductor smash” w/ hamstring curls

58:40 – Effective exercise pairing #6 – Combining a weighted calf stretch w/ resisted dorsi-flexion

1:06:00 – BONUS Exercise Pairing, aka, #BestSupersetEver

1:11:45 – Joe asks the audience for a favor 🙂


  • Casper Promo code: joed
  • DeFranco’s Nutritional Supplements
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Thanks for listening!

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