Episode # 123

Talkin’ Mobility & Pliability with Dr. Trevor Bachmeyer

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Released on August 3, 2017


1:00 – Joe introduces the newest sponsor of the Industrial Strength Show – MVMT Watches

“It takes two minutes to change the viscoelastic properties of tissue.”

11:15 – Interview w/ Dr. Trevor Bachmeyer begins…

19:40 – Trevor explains his “Injury Prediction System”

37:00 – Trevor gives Joe advice regarding his scar tissue and other post-surgical problems

41:50 – Trevor’s BIG 3 Mobility Drills for EVERYONE

51:00 – The best hip internal rotation stretch (that doesn’t destroy your knee)

55:25 – The controversy of foam rolling your IT Band

58:35 – The most common (and comical) Mobility Myths

62:10 – Can too much hamstring mobility be detrimental to your sprinting speed?

66:00 – Best way to get your mobility gains to stick

68:30 – Trevor shares his daily “pliability” routine

71:25 – The 3 “go to” mobility drills Trevor does ALL DAY (every hour on the hour)

73:15 – Trevor talks about his “Midnight Mobility” routines


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Thanks for listening!

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  1. Why are these not uploading to stitcher anymore? Also, I wish you’d add them to Google Play, would make listening on my Android much easier.

    LOVE all of the information, I’ve listened to all episodes.

  2. Wow, what great interview!
    Looking foward for the part 2.
    A have a question, problably stupid, but should I do mobility work before ou after the workout?

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