Episode # 472

The 9 Foods I Eat EVERY DAY To Stay Lean & Strong!

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Released on May 16, 2024


1:00 – Show Intro

7:50 – Joe reads a question from a listener who wants to know about “dieting while on vacation”

14:00 – Joe shares his “foundational nutrition habits”

22:00 – Joe begins to list the 9 foods he eats daily

22:30 – Plain greek yogurt

25:10 – Chef BoyardJoeD shares a “portion control” tip

27:35 – The “kitchen accessories” that Joe packs with him when going on vacation

30:00 – Organic pasture-raised eggs

33:15 – Grass-fed ground beef

39:05 – Fairlife fat free milk & raw cheese

43:55Grass-fed whey protein concentrate

51:00 – Gluten free sprouted rolled oats

58:15 – Honeycrisp apples, organic blueberries, bananas

1:03: 35 – Joe shares a sneaky trick to preserve the freshness of your apples

1:09:35 – Dark chocolate

1:13:10Manukora Honey (Today’s sponsor)


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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