Episode # 329

The Art of Coaching, Strength Coach Lifestyle and LIFE LESSONS w/ Zach Even-Esh & Joe D.

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Released on August 5, 2021


0:00 – Joe announces the [incredibly shocking/sad news] of Dr. Tom Bilella’s passing..

4:35 – Show preview

8:25 – Joe talks about today’s sponsor – Magic Spoon

12:25Zach Even-Esh joins the show | Podcast begins…


  • The Art of Coaching – The fine details & little nuances that separate good coaches from GREAT coaches!
  • How Zach & I handle “difficult” parents in the gym
  • Experiences we’ve had with bad coaches that showed us what we DON’T want to do [or become] as coaches ourselves
  • Stories, memories and lessons learned from our close friend Dr. Tom “The Guru” Bilella
  • LIFE LESSONS that we’ve experienced as we’ve gotten older
  • Garage Gym Godfathers Business Seminar discussion/announcement!


  • Magic Spoon promo code: JOED
Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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One Comment

  1. Joe—Thanks for your reflection on Dr. Tom, and looking forward to his tribute podcast. I learned of Dr. Tom from you, and my wife and I had been his clients for the past 5 years or so and had an appointment to see him today! I remember when he personally answered the phone at NTC when I called for the first time, and he said that it was my “lucky day” that I was speaking to him directly, showing his humor right off the bat.

    It’s such a loss and we’ve been in such a funk over his passing since hearing the news earlier this week. We will miss his guidance, humor, and energy. Prayers for him that he enters God’s Kingdom, and prayers to his wife, daughter, mom, and the rest of his family and friends, that Jesus brings them comfort and strength through this difficult time.

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