Episode # 224

Vacation Training Advice & The Truth About Meal Frequency and Fat Loss!

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Released on July 18, 2019


0:00 – Show intro / family vacation talk

10:20 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – SAXX Underwear

Bands are essential when training in minimally-equipped hotel gyms!

15:15 – Vacation training discussion begins…

18:20 – How Joe used to approach his vacation training versus what he does now

25:20 – Why Joe now enjoys training at hotel gyms

30:10 – How to have a great workout in a (shitty) hotel gym

35:35 – Why does Joe workout on vacation (as opposed to going ALL IN on “vacation mode”)?

44:30 – Joe shares his “travel bag essentials”

47:50 – Joe gives a shoutout to Mark Bell’s SlingShot (and provides a discount for the Industrial Strength Nation)

49:10Meal Frequency discussion begins…

54:35 – The most important (nutrition) factors for fat loss

56:20 – Why Joe is not a fan of the “1 meal a day” diet

58:00 – Why Joe no longer eats 6 small meals a day

1:05:00 – Joe’s current eating schedule


  • Mark Bell’s Sling Shot® Discount code: JoeD
  • SAXX Underwear Promo Code: JoeD
Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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