Episode # 464

What I Learned About “Imbalances” From Tennis Players, My Must-Try Pre-Workout “Slop” & More!

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Released on March 21, 2024


1:25 – Quick recap of the first-ever Iron Business Weekend

9:10 – Joe gives a shoutout to all the lifters who started WS4SB 3.5 this week

12:40 – Joe reads feedback from lifters who just completed their first WS4SB 3.5 workout

16:45 – Joe shares the recipe of his current GO-TO pre-workout meal

25:25 – BONUS RECIPE: Joe D’s High Protein Reeses Peanut Butter Cup replacement!

36:00 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – Manukora Honey

39:15 – What type of athletes have the biggest “imbalances” and how do you go about fixing them?

56:00 – How often do you change up workouts for newbie clients?

1:05:20 – When do you know it’s time to switch exercises [for intermediate to advanced lifters]?

1:09:50 – Programming jumps for [weak] kids


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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