Episode # 90

The Over-Delivering, Rule-Breaking Podcast!

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Released on December 8, 2016

Joe kicks off this week’s episode with a true story of how a company over-delivered for him last week and turned him into a “raving fan”! He then answers this week’s training question about Exercise Order…



1:00 – Joe introduces today’s sponsor – DeFrancoInsider.com

6:25 – Joe shares the story of how Good Culture over-delivered last week and turned him into a “raving fan”

28:50Joe reads today’s question regarding Exercise Order… 

30:15 – Joe gives his basic rules regarding Exercise Order [along with some exceptions to the rules]

Learn the rules, so you know hot to break them properly. INspirational words on a vintage slate blackboard

37:30 – Joe explains how he’s recently been breaking the rules of Exercise Order with his “Flip-Flop” technique

42:45 – The Upper Body tri-set Joe recommends before bench-pressing [to improve strength & mobility, while decreasing injury potential]

47:30 – How your biceps can improve your bench press?!

52:10 – Joe talks about how he’s been breaking the rules of Exercise Order during recent Lower Body workouts

56:20 – Joe discusses the relationship between core stability and hip mobility

60:25 – Joe reveals the “magic trick” for loosening up chronically tight hips WITHOUT stretching!

66:40 – Show recap/conclusion


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. this episode was great loved it…its always good to break some rules)….lookin forward for the new insider workouts…

  2. Joe, for those band leg curls, would light plate-loaded leg curls work just as well, or for the effect you want to achieve does the band resistance make the exercise?

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