Episode # 52

17 Actionable Takeaways From My 1st Year of Podcast Guests

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Released on February 25, 2016

This week, Joe celebrates his 1-year “Podcastiversary” by reviewing his Top 17 Takeaways from the guests that appeared on the Industrial Strength Show! 


00:06:00 – Joe recognizes the best iTunes reviews of the week

00:13:00 – Joe shares a cRaZy story about how this weeks podcast almost had to get cancelled! [see pic below]


00:28:40 – Joe gives an overview of what today’s show will consist of

00:33:10 – TAKEAWAY #1 (George DeFranco) – Treat people the way you would like to be treated

00:35:30 – TAKEAWAY #2 (David Diehl) – Have a gameplan for every single day / Write down your goals

00:38:00 – TAKEAWAY #3 (Brian Cushing) – Make sure to get 2 meals in before you hit the gym

00:41:05 – TAKEAWAY #4 (Kelly Starrett) – Build your mobility into your day

00:44:05 – TAKEAWAY #5 (Eric LeGrand) – Focus on the “glass being half full” / Ask yourself, “Compared to what?”

00:47:20 – TAKEAWAY #6 (Lucy DeFranco) – “Don’t focus on the things you DON’T have or you can’t control; Instead, focus on the good things that you DO have.” 

00:50:15 – TAKEAWAY #7 (Jim “Smitty” Smith) – Get things “out of your head” and put them on paper by performing a BRAIN DUMP…then prioritize and TAKE ACTION

00:51:50 – TAKEAWAY #8 (Jill Miller) – Incorporate “gut smashing” (and other forms of “down-regulating”) into your daily routine

00:55:45 – TAKEAWAY #9 (Eric Cressey) – Build up “career capital” specific to what you want to do

01:01:30 – TAKEAWAY #10 (Mike Dolce) – Don’t count calories; make calories count 

01:03:40 – TAKEAWAY #11 (Pat Cole) – Create a motivating atmosphere and “know your role” culture at your gym/workplace 

01:07:20 – TAKEAWAY #12 (Dr. Rhonda Patrick) – Use “heat stress” (sauna) to improve cardiovascular health, prevent disease and come back from injury faster

01:10:40 – TAKEAWAY #13 (Charlie Guthrie) – “Put yourself out there” [tell everyone your goals] in order to hold yourself accountable

01:15:15 – TAKEAWAY #14 (Jason Ferruggia) – Do ONE THING and be excellent at it

01:17:15 – TAKEAWAY #15 (Donnie Thompson) – Incorporate “body tempering” to improve mobility/reduce pain (Fascia responds well to pressure)

01:20:40 – TAKEAWAY #16 (Dave Tate) – Start small & debt-free [when starting a business] 

01:24:50 – TAKEAWAY #17 (Matt Mayberry) – Association is everything! 


NOTE: The Industrial Strength Show will resume under the CBS RADIO/PLAY.IT umbrella on Thursday, March 17.

Feel free to send PLAY.IT a tweet and let them know how excited you are for the Industrial Strength Show to resume 🙂 !

-Joe D.


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Thanks for listening!

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  1. Joe,
    thank you for the reply! It really shows that you care about what your listeners think and take feedback serious. You are a great guy! 🙂
    And yes, I still think tracking macros is the way to go but I’m totally cool with you having a different opinion. I hope you will continue running this podcast for a long time and I’m looking forward to all the things I will learn from you!

  2. Joe D,

    Awesome run of 52-straight podcasts and I am so happy for you to be partnering with CBS Radio/Play.It. One of my favorite quotes from this past year of podcasts was from Episode #47: Common Speed Training Techniques. You said, “You don’t need a parachute unless you’re planning on jumping out of a plane that the pilot with no landing license is flying.” Hilarious!
    Being a collegiate strength and conditioning intern, I get the opportunity to learn a lot from my coaches and from being on the floor. However, Thursdays are the best because I get a different perspective and I can learn just as much, if not more from you. I love that you not only talk about training but also allow us to be a part of your life. That is rare in this day and age and I truly appreciate you opening yourself up to us. Thank you for everything you do and I look forward to the next 52 episodes.

    Suggestions for future guests: Buddy Morris, John Berardi, Bill Parisi.

    ps. I’m still waiting on the savage bands…get on it brotha! 😉

  3. Freddy – First of all, thanks for the positive feedback…I appreciate it. Secondly, I must admit, after reading your comment I went back and listened to “Takeaway #10” from this podcast and I do want to take back something I said…….. In my ramblings I did say something to the effect of “counting macros and calories is gimmicky”. Now, anyone who has ever trained with me (or knows me in “real life”) knows that I do NOT feel that counting macros and/or calories is gimmicky. It certainly is NOT “gimmicky”. WHAT I MEANT TO SAY [on the podcast] was “counting macros and calories is not as practical and/or sustainable for most people” [as opposed to just ‘eating for health’ and ‘making calories count’.] THAT is what I THOUGHT I said lol…so THANK U for pointing it out [seriously]. Unfortunately, I will occasionally say something when I MEANT something else…Or, I’ll just flat out screw up in the “heat of the moment” 🙂 I record these podcasts as if they’re “live” because I don’t usually have time to go back and listen to every show, edit out the mistakes, re-record them, etc. I record the show in “1 take” and send it off to Orlando…. So once again, THANK U for bringing it to my attention. *BTW, I realize you still may not agree with what I MEANT to say [and you’re entitled to your opinion], but it IS my show and I stand by my opinion. Thanks again for listening and adding your constructive criticism to the COMMENTS.

  4. Joe,
    thanks for putting out so much great content and delivering great podcasts every single week!
    You really created a great podcast show!

    I never felt like that i’d disagree with anything you said but there’s just this one thing:
    I heavily disagree with you saying that counting macros and calories is gimmicky and doesn’t last.
    Not to be rude but if anything is gimmicky than it is the Dolce Diet.
    It is scientifically proven that when it comes to nutrition that it is all about the macros and calories.

    I know you don’t trust lab rats too much and prefer real life experience.
    That’s why I’d love to see someone like Dr. Layne Norton, Eric Helms or Paul Revelia who are all great athletes themselves on the podcast to talk about nutrition. Maybe you appreciate a different perspective on this topic.

    Thanks for all the free content!

  5. Joe,
    Thanks for the awesome results! I’ve added 4-6″ to my vertical in 4-5 weeks, thanks to you and hard work. Your show rocks and I hope the new contract deal goes well.


  6. Joe,
    Thanks for a great year. I listened to all 52 shows. I enjoyed them all. My favorite quotes came from Dave Deihl, your mom and Eric LeGrand. My favorite Joe D quote was ” You can’t out train a shitty diet”. I have listened to Dave Deihl interview on your show many different times with my notebook, and I am a diehard Patriots fan. I am a guy who lives by a code of respect and gratitude and it was so great to meet a guy who feels the same way. The first time I met you was in the hotel gym at Wrestlemania in New Orleans. I thought you were a cool guy. My instincts were correct. Thanks again! WHAT YOU DO MATTERS!!!!

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