Episode # 219

How To Get Strong AF Without Gaining Weight, Best Bilateral/Unilateral Exercise Pairings & MORE!

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Released on June 13, 2019


0:10 – Joe wishes all the dads in the audience a Happy Father’s Day

3:30 – Joe talks about today’s sponsor – Tiger Balm Active®

9:05Podcast begins…

10:30Joe reads Question #1: Is it possible to get stronger WITHOUT gaining weight?

19:55 – How to approach your main/compound lifts (sets, reps, volume, intensity recommendations)

Joe believes BCAAs can provide a great “bang for your buck” calorically (when dieting and trying to recover from intense training).

26:00 – Joe shares some of his favorite “max-effort” lifts for “weight class” athletes

30:10 – The importance of incorporating dynamic-effort movements

33:30 – Programming assistance exercises

36:20 – Joe’s favorite piece of equipment for training “weight class” athletes

39:30 – The ultimate “minimalist” workout/template for athletes in a caloric deficit

41:20 – Joe’s favorite template for athletes looking to gain strength without size

48:10 – Why Joe feels BCAAs are beneficial for athletes who are in a caloric deficit

52:25Joe reads Question #2: Is there an optimal ratio of bilateral & unilateral exercises when designing a program?

56:30 – The most effective way to program bilateral & unilateral exercises (together) within a workout


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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