Episode # 147

Programming Unilateral Exercises & “Micro-dosing” Your Workouts w/ Cameron Josse

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Released on January 11, 2018


1:25 – Show overview

6:40 – Joe announces the 1st CPPS certification course of 2017!  

9:40Unilateral training discussion begins…

11:20 – Cameron talks about the events that lead to his increased interest in unilateral training

21:25 – The importance of asking yourself, “Why?”

23:25 – Cameron shares sample workouts where unilateral exercises are used as the max-effort lift

31:30 – Joe shares a different example of how you can organize a “unilateral lower body workout ”

38:55 – Joe talks about the potential cognitive benefits of unilateral training

43:15 –  Cameron explains the concept of “micro-dosing”

52:10 – The “Fitness-Fatigue Model” and how it relates to the topic of micro-dosing

56:40 – One of the major changes that Joe recently made to his training

1:00:00 – Cameron maps out a “micro-dosed” week of training for his athletes

1:05:00 – Joe maps out his current “micro-dosed” training week (see photo)


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Thanks for listening!

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