Episode # 55

Triple H talks Training, Low-Carb Dieting, Gym Lessons & More!

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Released on March 31, 2016

In this weeks episode, Paul Levesque [more popularly known as Triple Hfinally makes his appearance on the Industrial Strength Show!


Triple H is a 14-Time World Heavyweight Champion in WWE [World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.]. Not only that, he is also WWE’s Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events & Creative. Needless to say, he’s a busy man.

Joe got to sit down with Triple H last Friday at Madison Square Garden [in between multiple meetings and before his Main Event match] to discuss a wide variety of topics that included Training, Nutrition, Wrestling, Life, and Productivity – just to name a few.

This 1hr 15min discussion is informative, entertaining, and just downright badass!

You guys are going to love it.



07:16 – Triple H tells his version of the story of how he and Joe met

13:08 – The promise that Joe made to Triple H during their very first meeting 5+ years ago

17:40 – Triple H’s “old way” of Warming Up vs. the “new way” and how it’s affected his training and overall health

23:00 – Why Triple H trains barefoot

27:55 – How switching from Free Squats to Box Squats has improved Triple H’s knee health & overall strength

32:30 – How/Why Triple H’s shoulders got BIGGER [and healthier] once he stopped lifting heavy weights

35:13 – Triple H tells the story of when WWE superstar Sheamus tried doing “Blackburns” with him

39:15 – The misconception that “training for function” will take away from your hypertrophy gains & aesthetics

43:00 – The reason Triple H trains at midnight

48:32 – What exercise(s) does Triple H “hate so much that he wants to Pedigree Joe D. onto a pile of broken glass”?  [WTF?!]


59:00 – Triple H explains why he feels the gym teaches you everything you need to know about life

68:05 – The #1 characteristic Triple H looks for when recruiting new NXT talent [and how it relates to DeFranco’s Gym “Original Disciple” Enzo Amore]

69:18 – Who was Triple H’s favorite wrestler when he was a kid?


69:41 – Triple H reveals the best overall athletes currently on the WWE roster

71:07 – Triple H’s favorite workout music

71:35 – Who did Triple H enjoy wrestling the most during his career?

72:24 – Triple H’s all-time favorite in-ring moment 

73:27 – What are Triple H’s all-time favorite wrestling matches to watch?

74:30 – Who’s the better boxer – Triple H or Stephanie McMahon?

76:00 – Triple H talks about his current [leaner] physique and his low-carb diet

78:25 – Is Triple H on a strict “Keto” diet year-round or just when he’s peaking for Wrestlemania?

80:55 – What will be Triple H’s “goto” cheat food after his Wrestlemania match this year?hhh-podcast-swap


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. This is a fantastic listen! Everyone should take some time to play this one. Interesting to know about your thoughts regarding LCHF,

  2. Great interview with Triple H. I wanted to know more about his keto theories and thoughts; perhaps you can go into greater detail on your show. I am a former npc bodybuilder turned powerlifter trying to gain size/strength using the conjugate method. My purpose to use cyclic ketogenic dieting is that I want to minimize fat gain.

  3. Joe,
    Amazing podcast. I love when you guys post the quick midnight workout videos. Find them to be very motivating. It was very interesting to hear you and HHH talk about them. It was great to hear HHH talking about real life stuff. The biggest take way I got from the podcast was the mutual respect that you have for each other. Two guys who work to make each other better at the top of their chosen fields. I listened to it twice. Once on the plane to Mania and again on the way home.
    The part on goal setting was great. We all get the same 24 hours. No excuses!! Thanks

  4. Great episode, big thanks to TripleH and Joe for one of the best podcasts I ‘ve listened to.
    Now you have to interview Stephanie as well.

  5. Great interview. Thanks to JoeD and TripleH!! I appreciate you sharing what you learned in the gym and how it made you the person you are today. Love the parts where you highlighted adaptations for longevity, the struggles that came with the new routines, and the emphasis on the work it to get there. Thanks for putting a face on not only the struggle, but on the rewards that come along with it.

  6. Such a good episode on both training and life. Ive listened to it 3 times already while driving and could easily listen to it again. Hopefully we don’t have to wait another 50+ episodes for another triple H interview!

  7. Great podcast and totally worth the wait. Thanks for sharing your experience on training, time management, career management, and goal-setting in general. So true that everything we need in life can be learned in a gym (and on the playground). Looking forward to a part 2 including Stephanie and pearls of wisdom from the host and the guests on programming and training. Sensei Defranco, will you in the future talk about incorporate kettlebell training into strength and hypertrophy program(s)? Thank you.

  8. Already listened to the entire show. Thanks Triple H for doing the interview and thanks Joe D for always giving your fans what we want. BEST EPISODE YET!!

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