Episode # 175

Upgrading the AGILE 8 Mobility Routine [Official Reveal of AGILE 8 version 2.0!!]

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Released on August 9, 2018


1:25 – Show overview

3:50 – Joe reads the Instagram DM that prompted today’s show topic

Relaxed hanging from a chin-up bar is one of 2 “non-negotiable” stretches in the NEW Agile 8 [version 2.0] mobility routine.
5:50 – Joe gives the back story of the original Agile 8 routine

14:15 – The one thing you can do to make the original Agile 8 better

17:25 – Joe begins the thought process behind changing the Agile 8 into a full body mobility routine

18:25 – The 3 biggest sources of pain that prevent people from training

21:45 – The primary causes of low back, knee & shoulder pain

25:00 – Joe reviews the “Joint-by-Joint Theory”

32:20 The 8 areas of focus for Agile 8 [version 2.0]

37:30 – The 1st non-negotiable mobility drill in Agile 8 [version 2.0]

39:15 – The “superficial back line” and its effect on your entire body

41:40 – The test you can do at home to determine the effectiveness of “rolling out” the bottom of your feet

48:00 – How to determine if your ankles need more flexibility or joint mobility

58:45 – The 2nd non-negotiable stretch in Agile 8 [version 2.0]

1:02:10 – Joe gives a quick rundown of the new Agile 8 [version 2.0]

1:04:10 – Joe tells the audience about the NEW tank tops that are currently in stock (but not for long)!!


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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One Comment

  1. Hi Joe thanks for this! The two “non-negotiables” have really helped me, the hang most dramatically (I seem to have fixed a (self-diagnosed ) impingement, feels like a million bucks!)
    I found myself wishing there was something analogous to the passive hang which could open my hips.
    After some googling and experimenting, I am having a lot of success spending time in a forward-leaning Asian “prayer” squat. I set up close to a rack, drop down to a resting squat, pull myself _gently_ forward (such that my weight is just slightly forward of my arch – helps unstick my ankles) and gently press my legs outward with my elbows ( helps un stick my groin). The forward lean and groin “stretch” are subtle to the point where I just notice them.
    This feels fantastic and, like the passive hang, I feel love gravity is repairing some accumulated wear and tear. What with the squat being arguably the most fundamental human movement, I’d like to nominate the assisted Asian squat as a third non-negotiable!
    Thanks again!

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