Episode # 229

Why Sprinting in the Sand Sucks, The Ultimate Squat Progression & Lots More!

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Released on August 22, 2019


0:00 – Show intro / Men’s Health “Top 15 Fitness Podcasts” article discussion

7:20 – Joe talks about today’s sponsor – Tiger Balm Active

12:30 – Podcast begins…

13:25 – Q1: “Where do you see the fitness industry going in 10 years?”

20:05 – Q2: “How do you look cool in the gym?”

23:35 – Q3: “Mark Rippetoe or Louie Simmons vs Joe D… Who’s training style is the best?”

28:30 – Q4: Workout recommendations for busy dads

30:00 – Q5: “Any new thoughts on food sensitivity tests?”

34:30 – Q6: “What’s the most underrated trait of a great coach?”

38:05 – Q7: “How do you navigate through the mental aspects of your personal injuries?”

41:50 – Q8: “What form of marketing helped put you over the top when you first started out?”

47:35 – Q9: “Should trainers have set assessments for new clients? If so, what exercises?”

55:55 – Q10: “Why do new clients need to master bodyweight squats before adding weight?”

1:09:00 – Q11: “What’s your opinion on sprinting in the sand?”

1:19:25 – Q12: Sample recovery routine for the day after a football game

1:24:20 – Q13: “Any tips for a S&C coach starting a podcast on sports & fitness?”


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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