Episode # 187

The #1 Reason I’m Embarrassed to Call Myself a “Personal Trainer”

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Released on November 1, 2018


0:10 – Joe reads the email that prompted today’s show topic

7:05 – Joe explains why the email triggered him  

9:45 – The #1 mistake that trainers make

17:30 – The “reminder” that Joe feels all trainers need to hear

21:50 – How true professional trainers separate themselves from the pack

26:20 – The difference between “working out” vs “training”

33:00 – The importance of the 1st training session w/ new clients

39:15 – Joe reveals a little-known secret about training professional athletes

44:10 – The benefits of getting into a “flow” state when you train

46:15 – Consistency vs intensity

49:20 – Joe talks about the book, “FLOW: The Psychology of Optimal Experience”

53:05 – Show wrap-up

58:00 – Joe announces this month’s Muscle-Up Monday sale (see details below)


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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One Comment

  1. What have you noticed to be the best way to keep clients on track with week to week workouts? Did you have contracts for a designated timeline, a session block, or month to month sale programs? Did you have set times for set workouts throughout the day, and you just had the client be flexible with their times for when those workouts were happening in your facility, or did you make your days available and anyone could jump in and they would have a custom program for themselves? Thanks for any input, I currently train mainly one on one general pop and athletes, I have my CSCS and a barrage of other certs plus my degree, and I have worked as an intern with the AZ Rattlers arena football team. I have a lot of experience, but on the business side I’m looking for optimal. Thanks Joe!

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