Episode # 44

Why Your New Year’s Resolution is Bullsh*t!

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Released on December 30, 2015

In this final episode of 2015 Joe D. goes on an intense rant regarding New Year’s Resolutions. He then reveals the ONE THING that will truly have the biggest impact on your success. George DeFranco also stops by to discuss what’s pissing him off this holiday season!  


Episode #Timestamps…

09:34 – George DeFranco reveals what’s pissing him off this holiday season!

14:45 – 1st Annual Industrial Strength Show Awards

27:55 – Why Joe D. doesn’t make New Year’s Resolutions

33:15 – Joe asks a serious question to his  New-Years-Resolution-makin’  listeners

37:50 – Joe reveals the ONE THING that will have the biggest impact on your success [He knows this to be true because it’s 100% responsible for all of his success]

39:40 – The epitome of New Years Resolutions… Compare your local gym on January 2nd vs. February 2nd


41:40 – Joe explains how/why his storage closet “gym” thrived in a crowded market that consisted of 11 other “Athlete Training Centers” that were located less than 10 minutes away from his facility

46:20 – How did Joe make up for having the smallest facility compared to the rest of his competition?

46:27 – How did Joe make up for his lack of financial backing when he first started his business?

46:33 – How did Joe make up for having only 1 employee during his first few years in business?

56:50 – The TRUTH about “working hard” vs. “working smart” [You’ve been lied to]

58:45 – Joe’s shocking revelation regarding The Walking DeadBreaking Bad & NFL football games

01:01:48 – Joe sums up this episode with a classic quote…


Happy New Year to all of our great listeners around the world! 


Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Awesome show, yet again. I have always loved your work ethic and am glad that you’ve started to get recognised for this.
    Haha and there is actually a country below Australia called New Zealand- and you’ve got listeners there too!!!!!

  2. The final 25 minutes of this show is classic. I will be adding it to my ipod and playing it each and every time i hit the gym in 2016. #motivation

  3. Badass show! Hustle so hard!George D makes his return. Your rant at the end was perfect.Thank you for sharing your success on the show.One good thing often leads to another. Thanks for your honesty and your prescription for success. A few years ago there was a very popular book, ” The Secret” It was about the law of attraction and how to achieve things. Everyone was looking for the easy way, Ask, Believe , Recieve. It was missing an essential component that you throughly covered in this show. “WORK YOU ASS OFF”. When you get to where you want to be work harder. 5 stars this week. Phenomenal way to close out the year!

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